Instruktorica joge hrabro progovorila o onome o čemu se mnogi srame: ‘Ja sam žena, dakle krvarim’

Vjerojatno ne postoji žena na ovome svijetu kojoj se na spomen “onih dana u mjesecu” ne javlja nelagoda, pa čak i osjećaja sram.

“Ti” dani u mjesecu, odnosno menstruacija oduvijek su bili tabu tema iako je, složit ćemo se, to naprirodnija stvar na svijetu i dio ženskog reproduktivnog ciklusa.

Da, ponekad su “ti dani” zaista jedni od najgorih u mjesecu, no postavlja se pitanje zbog čega nas već tijekom odrastanja društvo oblikuje i uči da je menstruacija nešto čega bismo se trebale sramiti i na to gledati kao na problem?

“Ja sam žena, dakle krvarim”

Sjećam se kako sam još kao djevojčica na satu tjelesnog odgoja sramežljivo nastavniku govorila zbog čega moram preskočiti  nastavni sat, a šifra za to bila je “ženski problemi”. Na nas koje sjedimo na klupi gledalo se kao na izopćene ili bolesne.

Drugi je primjer bio sat hrvatskoj jezika u srednjoj kada sam menstrualne bolove trpjela jer me bilo sram reći da se ne osjećam dobro. Zapravo, sram me bilo reći zbog čega se ne osjećam dobro. Kada sam, na koncu, odlučila ustati i progovoriti, tada je već bilo prekasno i – pala sam u nesvijest.

Tridesetogodišnja instruktorica joge Stephanie Gongora koja na svom Instagram profilu okuplja više od 250 tisuća pratitelja  odlučila se na hrabar korak – snimala se tijekom treninga dok je imala menstruaciju.

Tamponi? Što je to? Tu riječ ne govorimo na glas”, objavila je Stephanie uz video, a provokativnom je objavom željela privući pozornost na ovu veliku problematiku.


I am a woman, therefore, I bleed. . It’s messy, it’s painful, it’s terrible, & it’s beautiful. . And yet, you wouldn’t know. Because I hide it. . I bury things at the bottom of the trash. I breathe, ragged and awkward through the cramps, all the while holding onto this tight lipped, painted on smile. . Tampons? Shhh. We don’t say those words out loud. Hide them. In the back pocket of your purse, in the corner of the bathroom drawer, at the very bottom of your shopping cart (please let me get a female cashier). . Events or engagements get missed. I’ll tell myself it’s the PMS, sure, but it has more to with the risk of being “caught,” at what…I’m not quite sure. . And I’m lucky. . Over 100 million young women around the globe miss school or work for lack of adequate menstrual supplies, & fear of what might happen if the world witnesses A NATURAL BODILY FUNCTION. . WHY? . Because hundreds of years of culture have made us embarrassed to bleed. Have left us feeling dirty and ashamed. . STOP PRETENDING. Stop using silly pet names like Aunt Flo because you’re too afraid to say “I’m bleeding” or “vagina.” Stop wasting so much effort hiding the very thing that gives this species continuity. . START talking about it. Educate your daughters. Make them understand that it can be both an inconvenience and a gift, but NEVER something to be ashamed about. Educate your sons so they don’t recoil from the word tampon. So when a girl bleeds through her khaki shorts in third period (pun intended), they don’t perpetuate the cycle of shame and intolerance. . This #StartSomethingSunday , I want to highlight @corawomen . . Cora Women is a 100% Organic tampon company. . But that’s not all. They are also breaking barriers. Making it ok to talk about periods, even on social media. Providing personalized, delivered tampon/pad orders right to your door. AND for every box purchased, donating a box of sustainable pads to girls who can’t afford menstruation products. . Fuck yeah. That’s the kind of stuff I can galvanize behind, NO money OR product needed. Just a mission I support on a topic we should ALL be talking about. . THIS IS JUST A LEAK, NOT FREE BLEEDING ✌?

Objavu dijeli Steph Gongora (@casa_colibri)

“Više od 100 milijuna žena diljem svijeta ne ide u školu ili na posao jer nemaju tampone ili se boje da će netko vidjeti da imaju menstruaciju”, upozorava ona.

Danas, u 21. stoljeću menstruacija je i dalje tabu tema. Stephanie je zato postavila video na kome vježba jogu u bijelim sportskim tajicama uz jednostavnu poruku “Ja sam žena, dakle krvarim.”


Today I had to cut my fingernails for the third time in a row. . . . . . “Why is she telling us this? I do that once a week!” . . Many of you may not know this, but for a good deal of my life, I have been/am highly anemic (via iron deficiency, thanks to an incredibly heavy period). . . . Anemia has quite a few side effects, depending on the person and root problem. For me, that means shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, & overall tiredness. . . A smaller, but often more tangible side effect is weak, brittle nails. Before I ever have to trim them, they break/flake/peel/crack off. . . Not really life-threatening to any degree, but a fairly consistent reminder that I am not truly well, that my body cannot do things that many bodies do with ease. . We often hear people say that we can never know the battles that others are fighting. I think this is true, if somewhat over-used by people wanting to justify complaints about a small hiccup or a hangnail (yes…I see the irony). . . I’m not saying that hangnails/bad days/fender benders/getting cut in line at Starbucks & finding out that rude asshole got the last pump of pumpkin spice syrup don’t suck. They do. . . Perhaps a mentality flip is in order. There will likely always be suffering. It shouldn’t be ignored, but I don’t believe it should be propped up on a pedestal either. Especially not small sufferings, which have a way of amplifying when we feed them with attention. . . Acknowledgment & an attempt to understand have been my go-to tools when it comes to examining the suffering of myself/others. & especially when looking into the mirror of self-judgment, trying to focus instead on the things that bring me joy, however small. . . In general, I have been blessed with (and worked hard for) good health in body, mind, & soul. Any suffering on my part is a molehill compared to the mountains of many. . . That is why I find it can be so nice to just stop. Thank the universe. Thank yourself…for the little things. Like I had to cut my nails again today. And while there is much work to be done, that in & of itself is a gift. . . Ps. Yes I am working on my anemia. Thanks for asking. ✌?

Objavu dijeli Steph Gongora (@casa_colibri)

Instruktorica joge hrabro je poručila žena da se ne srame sebe, svog tijela i njegovih procesa.

Nepojmljivo je zaista da je sloboda govora i emancipacija toliko napredovala, a neke tako banalne stvari u društvu još uvijek izazivaju nelagodu.

Video će nekima možda biti negledljiv, no moramo priznati da on nosi snažnu poruku.

Foto: Screenshot Instagram




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