Are women ready for LinkedIn?

Last Wednesday I was a keynote speaker at Women in Adria networking breakfast on the topic LinkedIn® – Power of Networking. I must tell you that it was a great experience and honor to speak in front of 80 women and they were all great.

But, i had and still have a feeling that women are more of Facebook® users and less of LinkedIn® (i am talking about Croatia). They all have LinkedIn® profiles but in my opinion they still don’t have a clue what to do with it. Ladies don’t automatically jump up :-) continue reading and disagree later :-)

In support of the above I enclose the results of the Pew Internet & American Life Project:

“LinkedIn is the only social network that has more men than women and the disparity is rather large with men nearly doubling the number of women.  Twitter, on the other hand is almost exactly the opposite of LinkedIn with woman making up 64% of the total users”.

Why do i think like that? Let’s start from the beginning.

1. So many of them don’t have a picture of themselves, if they do than it is not a very good picture. Ladies make your profile picture professional and nice (your face only), don’t be afraid to show your beauty.

2. They think that Headline is about their position in what is so called men’s world (C-level, Managers, etc.), i know that it is hard to be a successful women in men’s world (my mother was an entrepreneur) but good and catchy headline will distinct you from the others. People are interested in what you have to offer to them not what is your position. People can see that in your Experience section, don’t let vanity stand in the way of your good profile.

3. They are not networking like men do. Why is that so? Vanity again? Ladies, network with each other, don’t be jealous of other women success, learn from it. Any competition is great and keeps you going forward. The only one who could stand between you and your success is YOU.

4.  LinkedIn® is not Facebook®! I don’t think that Facebook® is irrelevant for business, on the contrary, it is very important but LinkedIn is professional network for business people.

I would like to discuss it further with you so please feel free to post your comments in English and in Croatian :-) .

Dejan Gostimir is Professional LinkedIn® Profile Writer, Professional Coach and Speaker for using LinkedIn®. Read more of his work on his website





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