How to disconnect from someone on LinkedIn?

The friend of mine asked me is there any spam on LinkedIn® just like there is on Facebook®.You know, those messages that comes in your inbox every day with advertising about events that you will never attend or games that you will never play…basically stuff like that :-).

He asked me that question because he has small number of connections and he did not experience any spam so far on LinkedIn®. But, if you are an open networker like i am, than you will probably experience some sort of spam through messages on LinkedIn®.

As an open networker i receive around 20 invites per day, so there are a lot of connections in my network. Some of them use open networking for promoting their business by sending a message about it. That is OK when they send one message about it, but when they send it over and over on a daily basis then you can consider it spam.

If you characterize that sort of message as spam (when you open message there is a button: Report Spam) then those people might have problem using the LinkedIn®, it can limit them the usage. So, i don’t like to do that (characterize people as spammers). I rather disconnect from them. It is very easy and here is the short tutorial:

1. Open “Connections” page (under Contacts)

At the upper right corner you will see “Remove connections”. Click there.

2. Find and choose the connection you want to remove

Using the check boxes, select all individuals or just the one you no longer wish to connect with and then click the blue “Remove Connections” button.

As easy as that :-) I know that disconnecting is hard (you build your network hardly) and maybe a bad thing to do but sometimes you just need to do that.

And don’t worry, because the person you’re disconnecting from will not receive notice that you’ve disconnected from them.


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Dejan Gostimir is Professional LinkedIn® Profile Writer, Professional Coach and Speaker for using LinkedIn®. Read more of his work on his website





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